• Sprinkler Systems & Maintenance
  • Sodding, Grade & Topsoil
  • Tractor & Bobcat Work
  • Night Lighting
  • Commercial Groundskeeping
  • Commercial Snow Removal/Salting
  • Landscape contruction

Proudly Serving Windsor & Essex County For Over 25 Years!

About TurfMaster

As you receive quotes on various projects around your property, you are going to have to make some decisions. As with any purchase it is always a “buyer beware” market place.

Who you select and why you select who you do business with is very important. These notes give you a little insight into who TURFMASTER is and what security you can take in selecting us as your “professional contractor”.

TURFMASTER has been in business for 25 years. Thousands of commercial, industrial and residential clients have selected s to do millions of dollars worth of work. Sod, sprinklers, maintenance, landscape construction, snow removal, etc. Many clients have dealt with us for over 10 years.

TURFMASTER is successful. We do a lot of very good work for very good clients. That means that we will not go bankrupt half way through you project. It also means that our equipment is top quality, our materials top quality and our staff are fairly paid. Our success with is a win/win situation.

TURFMASTER has never once been sued by a client, or had a complaint registered with firms like the Better Business Bureau. With thousands of customers, we take tremendous pride in our record.

TURFMASTER is a full time professional business. We own our contractor grade equipment, and have complete insurance coverage. We are fully registered and licensed by the various levels of government. This means we are serious about your work. No subcontractors, no excuses…just what you expected, when you expected it. Watch our staff work on a job site…it is impressive! 

TURFMASTER actually has a shop location. We do not operate out of a house, a garage, a post office box or a lock and store. We do not slap magnetic signs on the side of our trucks and do this on our off days. Your can get in your vehicle and drive to our shop. Feel free to stop by anytime! 

TURFMASTER employees are the best. TURFMASTER was started and owned by the Woodall family and oversees every single job. Our core staff has been with us for years. They work 12 months of the year, and take pride in each project. Many workers are sent to technical seminars, rescue courses etc. in a continuous effort to provide you with the very best in professional service. If there is ever a problem, simply call our office. Long term relationships with 100% satisfied customers is what has built our business and allowed us to stay on top. 

TURFMASTER is Windsor owned and WINDSOR PROUD. We support Windsor area suppliers whenever possible, and do our best to give back to the communities that support us through charities, donations, tree planting etc. 

There are many good companies out there, unfortunately there are a few that do spoil it for others. This is simply meant to give you a little insight into what all of us at TURFMASTER stand for and how we continue to lead our industry.

Why Home Owners Choose Turf Master

  • 23 Serving Windsor & Essex County
  • Experienced & Professionally Trained Staff
  • Commercial Grade Equipment
  • No Sub-Contractors, All Work Done By Our Staff
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Locally Owned By The Woodall Family

Our Location

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