Tractor and Bobcat Work

When you build a home, there is always a mess to clean up. Curb appeal is important and ensuring the cleanup/prep work is done properly is very important. A fast clean up and sod flop will not give you the results you want long term.

TURFMASTER will provide you a detailed quote to do the job properly. We will take the time and use the equipment and staff required to remove ( not bury ) garbage. We will haul away and properly dispose of the garbage that was left behind. We then will do our best to grade your property to allow for proper drainage, feather up to neighbouring lots, curbs and driveway frames etc.

Depending on what the builder leave you with, there are often lots that need to have topsoil added and spread. If this is required we will document it, and get your acceptance prior to delivery and spreading. A good couple of inches of quality topsoil will make a significant difference in the health of you lawn/gardens over time.

Once the yard is graded properly we will likely rototill, gill/fine grade and rake the soil. The provides a good pliable bed for the new sod to root into. There are firms that simply run a bobcat around quickly and throw sod down. This is a cheap alternative, but not what we suggest as a nice lawn is truly a long term investment in your home.

Sod comes in various sizes and qualities. We work hard in hand with several sod suppliers to bring you top quality healthy turf that will thrive in our region. Taking the time to properly prepare the yard, professionally install and fit the sod is something we take pride in. When you see our jobs, get out and have good look. The extra time it takes our staff to do a top soil quality job is very little over what some firms do. The benefits to you are significant and the pride in our work shows.

Hire a good, full time, professional firm, get the quote in writing and pay when you are 100% happy.

Our long term success has been 100% based on giving excellent quality work at excellent prices.

Bobcat Work
Sprinkler 1 Sprinkler 2

TURFMASTER installs the very best irrigation systems available.

Whether you choose us or not…you need to know what you should be getting. Here is a little detail. Quality lasts…and is a long term investment!

As with any project the engineering is critical. Proper pipe sizing (indoor and out), well through out design of watering zones, and placement of heads means the difference between a system that does what expected it to do, and one that gives you endless headaches. Get it all in writing, in detail, before the work starts.

INSIDE the house, whenever possible, 3/4” copper pipe should be used to tee off the main and exit the home. NEVER let a contract use ABS, or PVC in your home. A new product called IPEX is now legal for indoor use and is gaining popularity. When we install the copper, a ball valve is added to isolate the sprinkler system plumbing from the house plumbing. This allows you to shut the water to the sprinkler for winterization purposes, or if you were concerned about a potential leak. After the valve, a back flow prevention device is added for building code compliance. The copper then exits the house and the hole should be sealed from both sides.

OUTSIDE, we always run copper right into the valve box. Never allow poly before the first (or master) valve. Just outside the wall we install a brass blow out bib for winterization. In the valve box, all electrical wire should be sealed in get packs to prevent corrosion. All extra wire should be neatly cable tied and look professional. Of course, all wire should be stamped “direct burial irrigation wire”. We actually know of a contractor using indoor phone jack wire! When the valve box construction is complete it should be 1/3 filled with drainage stone. A quick peek into a valve box is the easiest way to tell if a system was professionally built or simply “thrown together”.

Underground after the valve box, 1” poly can be used. All connections underground should be double clamped with stainless steel clamps to prevent leaks years down the road. All heads should be installed on swing pipe assemblies. This allows perfect placement of the heads and long term durability. Simple small things…but the make a substantial difference in the long run. Of course, the actual components are crucial. RAINBIRD and HUNTER are our favourites. They are quality products that have excellent guarantees. Minimum 2 years, all the way up to 5 years 100% warranty. Try getting that on no name parts! We have had customers buy cheap parts at the hardware store, we will install them, but we cannot guarantee them. It is often the case of “you get what you pay for”, or “its cheaper because it is made cheaper”. Professional grade parts are not significantly more expensive anyway.

We do our very best to offer excellent professional service, professional grade components and the best warranty at a fair price.
Please contact us if you have any questions. (519) 979-2221